About Us

The active management and agency for actors in Sweden. We offer:

  • A variety of clients with different age, gender and ethnicity.
  • Both upcoming talents and established actors.
  • Great availability and fast response.

About Bo Thulin

The company is owned and operated by Bo Thulin, who has over 20 years experience in the theatre, film, tv industries. For eight years, he has worked with casting and planning at the Royal Dramatic Theatre of Stockholm, Sweden.

Previously Bo was Artistic Director at Astrid Lindgren's world in Vimmerby, Sweden. Bo trained as an artistic director at the Stockholm Dramatic Institute and has worked as a producer in several productions at many theatres in Sweden. He has also worked as an actor over the years.

Bo has worked with coordinating and collaborating with TV , film and production companies , negotiations, contracts , project management and budgeting. Throughout the years, Bo has built up a large and broad network of contacts within the industry.